LUNA Weddings stands by founder and creative director Nisia Wasilewicz's proud proclamation -- "weddings suck!"

Now, don't get us wrong, we love love... but the modern romance is fit for more than the florescent lit traditional event halls of yore. The newest generation of soon-to-be newlyweds look more and more for unique experiences for themselves and their guests of honor. Let's face it - your loved ones deserve more than a quick hello, goodbye and a choice of chicken or fish in between. 

Our promise is to provide a relaxed yet refined approach to tying the knot, with a focus on destination weddings - both domestic and international.

Whether you're a pair of mindful millennials looking for an eco-chic bash or your teenaged daughters are a part of the bridal party, LUNA Weddings is committed to designing wedding events that reflect each couple's personal definition of modern love. 

Based in Tulum, Mexico and beyond...



lovers alone wear sunlight. - e.e. cummings