My Best Friend's Wedding

It's a pretty well-known fact that I shed a few tears at every single one of the weddings LUNA creates. The time we spend getting to know each client and their stories, typically means we get a little attached and emotionally invested. We keep in touch - and it's not uncommon for members of the LUNA crew to grab a cocktail with a couple from our past when we happen to be in the same city, and it goes without saying that we have received more than a few baby announcements.

And after several years of creating these special moments for people who started as strangers, i was beyond excited when my lifelong best friend asked me, not only to be her Maid-of-Honor, but to help her execute her vision of the perfect wedding day. 

Check out the wedding video - full of dancing babies and high kicking aunts and uncles - from our good friend Bex Griffin of Happy Futures below. 

A Post-Wedding Must: The Day-After Photoshoot

We're obsessing over these gorgeous photos of Laura + Jason from their day-after Tulum adventure with photographer Ariel Renae, who stuck with the wedding theme by incorporating bright pops of color and a laid-back yet refined beachy vibe.

gorgeous flower wedding portrait caribbean

Another Caribbean destination wedding secret? The magic genius of airbrush makeup ensuring Laura looked fresh-faced - even for this early morning post-wedding shoot. Highly recommended for the beach bound bride!

Spotted on Ruffled Blog: A Beachside Mexican Modern Motif

Lots of love to Ruffled Blog for featuring Laura + Jason's Mexico-themed beachside wedding at Ahau Tulum. We had so much fun working with these lovely newlyweds - both super cool Brooklyn-based creatives - as they had lots of fun ideas and DIY projects up their sleeves! Here at LUNA, we love to collaborate with our clients to design events that perfectly capture the unique aesthetic of their special day.

The LUNA team foraged nearby Tulum beaches and found these beautiful shells and additional coral to adorn all of the beach-washed wooden dinner tables.

The LUNA team foraged nearby Tulum beaches and found these beautiful shells and additional coral to adorn all of the beach-washed wooden dinner tables.

Read more about the art of letting go from the lovely bride below:

"Any advice for couples planning their weddings now? It’s very helpful to work with someone (a wedding planner) that understands your vision and that you trust to accomplish what you want without you having to hand-hold each little thing. This is especially true for a destination wedding where you just can’t be there to meet with people and plan things in a way you might be able to if you were married where you live. Allowing this person to handle the things that you can’t control or don’t enjoy doing as much will allow you to focus on the elements that you can control and enjoy doing and let the rest of it go. For us, this meant thinking a lot about the little hand-touched details and the things that made our guests feel truly welcomed and excited to experience this with us but also with each other." 

Amazing photographer Ariel Renae provided snaps of the event, as well as a post-wedding adventure shoot with the couple. We'll post more from the day-after photoshoot in a just bit...

ahau tulum beach destination wedding palm trees coral

Ahau Tulum Weddings: A Beachfront Embodies the Pulse of NYC

Check out this super cute write up from awesome travel blog Miles & Miles about an event we consulted on for our favorite beachfront venue - Ahau Tulum. The NYC-based newlyweds, Juliana + Dean were an absolute dream and we're happy to have made a bunch of new friends at this uber chic celebration:

photo: Miles & Miles

photo: Miles & Miles

"Dean and Juliana continually inspire us to value all of our relationships and to keep working hard. Needless to say, when they asked us to join them for their wedding in Tulum, MX, we dropped everything. [...]

The day of the wedding we watched from our balcony as the beach was setup for the ceremony and celebration.  It was one of the most stunning we’d ever seen. We watched Dean and Juliana exchange their beautiful vows and continued on to a delicious feast surrounded by the most amazing people.  The night moved on to dancing, perhaps one too many tequila shots and a midnight swim under the full moon."

Meet some more of our Ahau Tulum couples here!